The Connected Fluid Matrix Theory

The Connected Fluid Matrix Theory is a framework in which all known things inhibit. It seeks to encompass all current known laws and theorems by presenting an illustrated common univesal structure as a base for the Scientific and Mathematics communities to explore.

The Theory rests on a creation event of progressing from an absolute non fluid state (no motion) of a state to a Connected Fluid Matrix state allowing motion (ie everything in existance).
The reason for its transformation from the non fluid state is not known, much like the current big bang theory but there are similarities in the approach.
The Connected Fluid Matrix theory takes a fundemental approach in saying that at the moment of transformation, the only way that motion could be initiated is for it to form a rolling base of layers of opposing rotating motion in a fluid time/energy matrix.
The process is illustrated below with different rotations oulined in different colours.
The Connected Fluid Matrix is in a state of constant flow of Time/Energy (Te). The matrix spherical elements are interactive with waveforms flowing through the matrix and can be described as entanglement.
The waveforms take the form of a sinusoidal waves in 2 dimensions and sinusoidal helix type forms in 3 dimensions.
The rate of flow of time/energy (Te) ranging from highest rate (speed of light) to lower rates (more entanglement) that are above the orbit of capture of Te unit elements pervades every element of the Connected Fluid Matrix. Higher rates of flow (light,xrays,gamma rays) take the minimum resistance (least entanglement) through the matrix in an undulating sinusoidal flow around the matrix spherical elements.
This gives rise to the conjecture that is a wave/particle when in fact it is the same. There are no particles. There is only time/energy as the fluid state and in different forms and at different rates of flow.
Medium rates of flow (gravity, magnetism, electricity) has the effect of longer undulating sinusoidal paths (more entanglements than light) through the matrix spherical elements giving longer wave lengths.
Low rates of flow (hydrogen,oxygen, matter) encompass increasing levels of entanglement in the matrix with spherical elements forming bonds around them to provide the building blocks of all matter.
The current basis of our understanding the basis of matter and forces with the standard model (quarks, strings, neutrinos,muon,gluon, graviton, etc.,) has scope to be explained in relation to the Connected Fluid Matrix Theory.
An example flow through the matrix is illustrated above. Paths take various routes through the matrix are dependant on the rate of flow of Te. The rate of flow of Te is the factor relational to entanglement.
The base unit of the fluid matrix could be thought as the two spherical Te elements in opposing motion (+-), and the associated free Te flowing between and encompasing them.
Given the current scientific understanding of the size of particles its combined size would be in the order of 10-15 m.
On the basis that the rate of flow determins its route and its entanglements, the number of paths through the matrix is finite and the path taken can be pre-determined by the rate of flow.
This paths taken through the matrix structure are akin to the fundamental laws of mathmatics and provides an explanation of why mathematics work in respect of predicting the path and end result.
The notion of bieng able to predict the path and outcome according to the flow rate of Te is that all things should be able to be predicted. This includes all forms of energy and matter and ultimately any object man made or otherwise.
This provides an oppertunity for a new Mathematics to be considered with the base number relating to the base Te unit in the order of 1 x π16.
On the basis of the above everything should be able to be identified or predicted by utilising unique natural numbers for instance; H Ar π16 , Cu Arπ16, etc.
The energy of the Fluid Matrix can be related to E = mc². E(Te)=m(TeE)c². Where TeE represents the degree of entanglement. The composition of matter is either consists of a given flow rate of Te or an amalgamation of different Te flow rates.
Movement of mass (entangled Te). The matrix structure on the face of it does not facilitate mass being moved by flow from one point another in the fluid matrix. Instead it could be considered that the movement of mass through the matrix is by replication in adjoining matrix elements.
The Connected Fluid Matrix is not a true matrix in that it is directly connected directly by its axes throughout the universe. It invoves no Time/Energy (Te) as there is no flow of Te involved through the matrix. It is essentially tubes of connectivity throughout the fluid matrix without any impedance resulting in the assertion that everything is connected in the here and now.

May 2020.
Copyright R.C.Turner